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It's been two years since I did anything about my portfolio page. The information was outdated and very simplified. While this change is going to be bigger in future, for now at least a little functionality goes public. I’ll explain how the blog came to be and what it all actually mean later. For now technical enthusiasists can use it along with clients as a source of useful articles.

What '' means was founded in 2016, as a freelance organization to deliver services for the IT industry. Currently with one member with identical nickname '' covering more than 3 countries (Slovakia, Czechia, Thailand...), representing numerous segments of the IT industry, including:

  • Website development
  • Operating system customizations
  • Software and Hardware debugging
  • IT consultations
  • Linux server modifications
  • Gaming dedicated servers with scripting
  • Small business or eSports IT management
  • Cryptocurrency integrations
  • Repairing Android based handhelds