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Hi, I’m Roman. Nice to meet you.

Since beginning my journey as a freelance years ago, I've done remote work for agencies, consulted for startups, and collaborated with both business and consumer use.

What I do

WordPress development

Responsive SEO and Social optimised Business or Personal Websites.


Collect data from Websites into database or Excel sheet. Script repeating tasks.

eSports administration

Local or online dedicated server for game or LAN tournament.

IT management

Build Computers, setup Software, Network and Server. Optimise Hardware and System.

Smartphone recovery

Service of broken phone or software problems.

Domain and hosting

Speedup and secure website with HTTPS. Backup and migrate to faster hosting.


Make flyers, brochures, visit cards and other Photoshop graphics.

E-mail campaigns

Cross device optimised and mobile-friendly MailChimp newsletter.

Server management

Setup secured Linux Apache, MySQL and PHP server. Windows Server Domain, Users, Storage.

My portfolio

Year Client Type of work
2019 SpaceDog Wordpress Development, SEO
2019 LinShop Wordpress Development, SEO
2019 Patong Halal Food Wordpress Development, Content Marketing
2019 ToursPrivate Wordpress Development, Naming / Branding & Identity
2019 Umesh Perera / Design & Wordpress Development
2019 Gamers Paradise Design & Wordpress Development
2018 Chyťbyt Crawler Development, LAMP Development, Proxy server Development, UX
2018 ShiShka Creative Coding from Design & Development
2018 Patoma Commerce Design & MeteorJS Development
2018 Patoma Luxury Coding from Design, MeteorJS Development
2018 Revolta / Matrix Professional SiteCore Content Management
2018 Revolta / Nike Expression Engine Content Management
2018 Revolta / Nike Responsive Cross-Client e-mail Campaign HTML Coding
2018 Revolta / BOSCH Responsive Cross-Client e-mail Campaign HTML Coding
2017 Revolta / Redken Wordpress Content Management
2016 Rivals Counter-Strike Dedicated Server Development
2015 Sharkam Drupal Content Management
2015 Sharkam / VolteCatering Redesign & Content Management
2015 Sharkam / EventCatering Magento e-Commerce Development

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